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Wendy Whelan is a great story-teller. This article is amazing and it seems like a real labor of love on your part, Oberon! Thank you for a most enjoyable read.


Terrific piece, Philip!
Wendy inspires all of us who love her dancing so much!


Great story, Obie, and WW's description of how the ballet evolved plus the choreographer's notes give us a real feeling for the event. The designer's website is a good addition, too.

Sara P.

Road trip to Louisville anyone? Thank you for a fabulous piece Philip! I love hearing artists talk about their work and the creative process. Thank you Wendy and Adam! :)


Good reading this morning and the photographs are super. Thank you for this.


Thanks, I'm glad to see people are enjoying this story because it was something I really enjoyed putting together. Wendy, Adam and David did all the work for me!

Sara, let's rent a van and head for Louisville!


There's always good reading at the Grove but I think you have surpassed yourself with this.

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