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Miguel S-L

I found this page while searching Luciana D'Intino's name and it is a great review of the performance. Your review is accurate and you really give lots of details and this will be a place to come back to. What opera will you see next? How long have you been an opera lover?

Thank you,


Thanks, Miguel! It's good to know people are reading my opera reports. My next operas will be parts of the RING Cycle plus DON GIOVANNI and CAV/PAG.

I started going in 1962, though I started listening to opera in 1959.

Philip Webb

Thanks for the review of the performance. I thought your comments were wonderful. I felt honored to perform with this great cast, and felt we presented a heartfelt show. All the best!


Philip, I feel honored to see your comment here and it was also an honor to be present at this performance. I hope we will see you more often on the Met stage in the future: we need the clarity of your voice. Thanks for a memorable Met experience!

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