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I'm worried about Morris singing this. His performance at the 125th Gala was awful. If that's what he sounds like - it's going to be a long week of the RING. There are so many fine young(er) Wotans out there (Alan Held, Greer Grimsley, Albert Dohmen) why the Met keeps engaging over-the-hill wobbly old men is beyond me. Whatever other changes Peter Gelb has made, he has most certainly NOT made the Met a more adventurous house when it comes to casting. You don't need a crystal ball to predict their casting. And sadly for Morris he's now tarnishing his reputation as one of the great Wotans of the second half of the 20th century. This is among the last things we'll all remember about him. It's sad. Why do so many singers refuse to listen to themselves?

In any case, I loved Yvonne Naef's Fricka the last time she did them. I've been rather hoping the Met would invite her back for other roles, but she seems to be stuck on Fricka. (Again, how predictable. I'd love to see Naef and Urmana alternate Cassandre and Didon in "Les Troyens!") Gerhard Siegel when he sang Mime at the Met last time sounded like he should be singing Siegfried, not Mime. The voice is strong and powerful.

I'm definitely looking forward to the Rhinemaidens!

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