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Great write up, Philip! You must have had so much fine at Kyle's retirement party, being surrounded by so many dancers in a "normal" situation. I love seeing them on stage but am often just as pleased to bump into one on the street or backstage.


Phillip: What ballerina rescued you?
I am most happy that you attended the party.

I wrote a long list of NYCB dancers I love on Ballet Talk and inadvertently left Pauline off my list; she is exquisite.

Your commentary is as always brilliant.



Your generosity about the dancer's performances is one of the hallmarks of your terrific blog. It's also why so many of us look forward to reading your pieces. I don't think you are so much effusive as enthusiastic. I find this very refreshing, especially since so many reviewers (both in print and online) mix their criticism with more than a touch of mean-spiritedness.

I'm so glad you had fun at Kyle's party!
It sounds like a great time.


Philip, I have to comment on your previous post about the sandwich ruining Stravinsky. You hit the nail right on the head as far as how annoying this is. And it is so true how people seem to think that by opening their mint v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y it will somehow not be as loud or annoying? Personally I think anything with crinkly wrapping should be forbidden in the theatre!

Sophie B

Philip, I'm so glad you had fun at the party!

I don't think your praise is at all effusive; the language you use to describe dance and the qualities infused in it by the dancers is beautiful... and your enthusiastic nature shows your love of dance!


Thanks to everyone for the nice comments...

Sophie, have you picked another date for seeing OLTREMARE? I will be there Sat eve and Sun matinee, so look for me.

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