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Thanks so much for the great review Philip, I was eagerly awaiting your review of Melissa's piece. I hope I get to this program next week.


Even though I will probably not have the chance to see the NYBC again, in Europe anyway, for a long time, I enjoy reading the well written accounts on your blog, (I have noted several compliments for Faycal Karoui which go straight to my heart) .
Here in Pau, the Orchestra has had two guests conductors for the January and February concerts, both young and competent, but without the charisma of Faycal, of course.
The February concert included a contemporary work by Pierre Charvet called 'Regardez-le!' . He is French but was professor of composition at the Manhattan School of Music for ten years from 1991 to 2001.
He was present at the concert and we enjoyed talking to him at the sponsors’ evening afterwards.
We are looking forward to seeing Faycal again in Pau for the concert at the end of March. Thanks to your blog, I will be able to have an intelligent conversation with him, if I get the chance !


Melissa's new ballet was a sumptuous delight. Sara and Jared were just exquisite; I especially like what she does with the corps (she truly allows them to shine).

I did and still do like the Elo, but for me the highlight of the evening was "Mercurial Manoeuvres." I remember Jock, Miranda and Edwaard in the original (that was a "wow" performance).
I was especially pleased that Tyler did such an excellent job with Jock's very difficult parterning passages in this ballet.


Anne, it is always fun to see Faycal come out onto the Promenade during intermissions when he is conducting. People love him, and he is extremely charming. Aside from his conducting skills, he is a great 'ambassador' for the ballet...and for music in general.


I love Faycal! I didn't realize that he came out to the Promenade during intermissions when he is conducting....but I have seen him taking a seat in the audience at times when he is not conducting. I feel he is just as much a part of NYCB as the dancers are!!

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