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This is my favorite line of the week, "I could have made good use of Vincent's revolver." I know that feeling! Some audience members are beyond rude.

As you know, I'm a huge "Slaughter" fan.
I can't wait to see it again tonight.
I think it's one of those ballets that you either love, or you don't. I especially love the tap-dancing sections. I recall when both Kurt and Kyle Froman danced that section years ago. They were such good tap dancers! (the bartenders no longer
have taps on their shoes in that little interlude).


I am formulating an idea for a short film to be made by our imaginative video maven Kristin Sloan to be shown before each performance at NYCB in which examples of bad audience behavior are depicted. Possibly, just possibly, it will hit home with some of the the annoying, self-absorbed patrons who continually ruin performances for those of us who actually care about the ballet.

The polite announcement to turn off cellphones doesn't seem to be working any more, nor does it address other distractions which can seriously damage your evening.


Ooooh so you didn't see Robbie Fairchild's debut in Slaughter? I would have loved to have seen that - I bet he was great!


I thought that last night's program was terrific from beginning to end. Is there a better Swan Queen anywhere than Maria Kowroski? Her performance last night was divine and Philip Neal matched her degree of excellence. As for "Slaughter," I'm on Deborah's side. I have loved that ballet since I first saw it in a revival of "On Your Toes" on Broadway and I continue to love it whenever NYCB revives it. Aside from Adam Hendrickson, I have seen the supporting roles played better at NYCB in the past but I thought that Sara Mearns and Rob Fairchild made outstanding debuts last night. Sara was deliciously sexy and Rob showed that he is equally adept at tap dancing as at ballet. I wish I could also see Maria in the role of the Striptease Girl. And yes, I do remember the Froman brothers doing the tap dancing sequence in years past and I genuinely missed them last night.


Philip, you know that as much as I love Wendy & Maria I had "issues" with both of them in Balanchine's Swan Lake. Not so with Sara Mearns tonight - she was magnificent. Absolutely gorgeous, musical & heartbreaking. Askegard was a pefect partner. Janie Taylor was also incredible in R&J and Chase Finlay made an impressive debut. And I can't understand how anyone can resist Maria Kowroski in Slaughter, especially you!


I think more than anything it's the music of SLAUGHTER that turns me off.

My friend James called me right after Sara's Swan last night to tell me how wonderful she was. Hopefully she will do it in the Spring season.

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