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I agree that the lack of basic courtesy is appalling and the veritable symphony of coughing that seems to break out as soon as the house lights go down is amazing. As for cell phones, they can be electronically disabled in the auditorium, but that my be contrary to FCC regulations.


I wanted to strangle the two women next to me at SOUTH PACIFIC last night, who came in as late as they possibly could and still be seated, and proceeded to talk through the first part of the overture. Dirty looks helped.


That's another thing! People feel that overtures, preludes and interludes are meant to be background music for their conversations.


I hate it when people make comments to each other or talk in any way during the performance. It shocks me when grown adults do this. Humming along to the music is also exceedingly irritating.

James Barrick

Wonderful idea! Many seem to ignore the "May I have your attention please?" request so maybe something visual would capture their attention. Also I think there should be some kind of reminder after the intermissions since invariably the phones are used during the break and then left on (idiots).
I for one would like to see a zero-tolerance policy that would result in offenders being ejected from the theater but I suppose that is unlikely to happen.

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