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Another very interesting 'report', Philip.
This lunchtime, we will be going to the traditional New Year Concert given by the Orchestre de Pau. It is very similar to the Vienna New Year concert, with waltzes and polkas, etc.
We take my 89 year old mother-in-law who really enjoys it.
When Faycal Karoui took over the orchestra 6 years, the then mayor of Pau said : "you can do what you like, but don't touch my New Year concert!"
Happy New Year to you and to all your friends.


Faycal's NUTCRACKERs this season have been really interesting because he never does it exactly the same way - he's always making these little changes so the score sounds fresh every time you hear it.

Who conducts the Orchestre de Pau when Faycal isn't there?

Happy New Year!


Just back from the concert - it was great fun - the conductor is called Frederic Lodeon, a fairly well known French conductor. He also has a programme on national radio which is very popular.
But, I would definitely prefer to have Faycal !!!

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