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Is not Kathryn Morgan also in for Jenifer Ringer in STABAT MATER on Friday night?


Yes...I mentioned Sunday because that's the day I'm going. But the debut is really Friday...


Is Jenifer Ringer injured? And Megan Fairchild, too? I've never heard of Megan being injured...she is like steel.

I know she didn't have to "earn" her looks, but Kathryn Morgan is gorgeous. Got lucky in the gene pool, that is for sure.


NYCB doesn't have an injury list...I know at Ballet Talk there used to be calls for such a list, just like the sports teams publish weekly.

I suppose it's kind of a privacy issue, but it would eliminate some speculation.


Saw Jenifer Ringer dance Sat. ...as of then she was well. Beautiful performance too.

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