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Now I know why I had such deja vu when I saw the picture at the top. Julie Taymore = Lion King. Definitely the same aesthetic showing through. Since I saw the Zandra Rhodes-designed Pearl Fishers I have a new appreciation for set and costume designers and how they can completely transform an opera.


I loved that PEARL FISHERS, too...a very fresh and intimate view of the opera.


Those guys up in the lighting booth are really obnoxious. They frequently talk loudly. I've complained about it to a friend who works at the Met and he's taken it up the chain of command. And the talking stops...for a while...

I usually find "Die Zauberflote" to be rather tedious. So an abridged version, to my mind, is something of an improvement. Especially if you lose that boring Sarastro! But I'm not crazy about operas-in-translation, with some exceptions.

I love this production! I listened to bits of the matinee and I must say Sieden did not sound great. But radio amplifies vocal flaws. And she's been doing this for a very long time! In fact, I'm surprised Konigin is still in her repertoire. I mean, how do you return from Lulu, which I hear was excellent.

I'm not surprised that Pogossov's performance is top notch. After all, he originated it in this production. I saw him that first year and he was great.


Oh, also: I never saw "The Lion King." But the designer of "Die Zauberflote" is not the same person who designed "The Lion King." "Lion King" designer, Richard Hudson, also designed the Met's "Samson et Dalila." "Zauberflote" designer, George Tsypin, did "The Gambler" and "War and Peace."


I could hear some roughness in Sieden's spoken lines and her middle range did not always 'speak' but higher up she sounded great and the very top was really clean and sparkly. The film ANDRE'S MOTHER in which Sieden appears dates from 1990 so: yes, she has been singing a long time.

The production is pretty delightful and I don't mind the English but omitting the 'Bei mannern' duet in a mistake and so is snipping out bits of the arias. I even think there were small cuts in the Queen's first aria, and Sarastro's second aria is now one verse only. As I recall, when Miklosa and Pape sang it they were given the full treatment.

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