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I love that photo of Farrell and Martins - one of my favorite Balanchines, I must say (and on my short list for pieces that I wish that SFB would do), and I can't wait to read your report.


I'm so happy Chaconne is back in the repertory. It was out for what seemed like such a long time.
One of the things thats so nice about it is the opportunity to see beloved corp dancers in sustained solos and pas de deux.
What an absolutely gorgeous photo of Martins and Farrell. She looks like a fleeting celestial creature he's trying to hold on to.


I wish you both could have been there, Jolene and Perky! CHACONNE is a jewel and I really love that transformation from the 'walking in heaven' feel of the opening scene to the full-scale classicism of the second part.

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