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Where do you see the news of Tiler's debut in Theme & Variations? I do not see it on the casting on the website....Thanks!


There's a cast sheet posted in the lobby; sometimes cast changes don't make it to the website in a timely manner.

Another change for the Sat mat is that Abi & Gonzalo are now listed for the FLOWER FESTIVAL pdd...


You're right about Monumentum/Movements - very inventive choreography, great clarity and precision. As one critic once said of it, it's a series of "living sculptures." Both ballets are perfect vehicles for Maria - she was outstanding! And it's true - these pieces are not your standard crowd-pleasers but they did hold the audience's attention last night.

I greatly admire Monumentum/Movements and I always enjoy Stars & Stripes but for me the highlight of the evening was unquestionably Dances At A Gathering. When I first saw it many years ago, I did think it was a bit too long but after many viewings since then, it has become my favorite Robbins ballet. Not only do I never tire of it and not find it too long but I actually hate to see it end. The story is often told that when Robbins was choreographing it, he asked Balanchine to come into the studio to take a look at it and said to him, "Don't you think it's a bit too long?" Whereupon Balanchine supposedly replied, "No. More - make more!" And he did! The dancing throughout the entire ballet last night was divine - great debuts by Kathryn Morgan, Sterling Hyltin and Rebecca Krohn and special kudos on the male side to Jared Angle.

In Stars & Stripes, another first-rate debut by Sara Mearns. Her Liberty Bell is not, in my opinion, as dazzling and flirtatious as Ashley's but as you said, it is definitely more classical and it does work. A terrific evening all around. And more exciting debuts coming up!


How exciting! Tiler is an amazing dancer, that is for sure. So young, but so much poise, and such a range!! She is good in just about anything.


I was kind of bummed out that I will miss Hyltin's T&V debut next weekend (I'll Be out of town) but VERY glad to hear that I'll be catching Pecks! I'm looking forward to it. And can't wait to catch Maria in M/M, she's perfect for that one.

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