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Many thanks to Kristin for this video! I also love the one of Sara and Amar (I wish Kristin would do even more videos! They are always great!). I was at the box office yesterday supplementing my four subscriptions (I know! So self-indulgent, right?). I did get another ticket to Oltremare as I love this ballet; Andrew is superb in it! I also ran into Wendy Whelan in the lobby. That made my day!


I think I saw a glimpse of a new Kristin-video about THE CAGE (featuring Wendy) on the Promenade last week but I don't see it on YouTube yet.

Now that NUTCRACKER is over they should be playing Kristin's videos in the lobby on a regular basis.

kristin sloan

hi philip and deborah,

so glad you like the videos! due to music licensing agreements, not all of the videos we create will appear on youtube. for now, you can find all videos currently available at The Viewing Room at the NYC Ballet website, or on the lobby and promenade monitors.

happy ballet-watching!



Thanks for that information, Kristin.

Having the new screens on the Promenade level is really an addictive treat; it's like having the performance continue thru the intermission.

Also you should be aware how mesmerizing the videos are in the lobby. Every time I go in for tickets, people are standing there, spellbound...including some of the dancers. The mixture of interview and dance footage is ideal.

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