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Thanks for the review! I may try to come get standing room for tomorrow's matinee.. do you know where the standing room is located in the NYST?


Yes, it's way up at the top of the Fourth Ring...you get a full view of the stage even though you are rather far away (if you have binoculars, bring them) For a few dollars more you can usually get a 5th Ring seat; you cannot see the backdrops and you are looking 'down' on the stage but it's a closer view than the one from standing room.

I'll be in the 5th Ring today. Maybe I'll see you there!


I wish I had seen Dena Abergel as Arabian!!
She is one of my favorites. She can dance Queens with regal authority and sexy Arabian dancers with dramatic allure.
Thank you for you vivid and wonderful reviews Oberon!
May your holidays be filled with happiness, joy and light.


Perky, it's nice to see you here...hope you had a great Christmas!

Dena is wonderful, I'm always glad to find her in the cast of any ballet.

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