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I am really glad you got to see Tiler this afternoon as SP! Wasn't she just gorgeous?! I've never seen her as Dew Drop but I am sure she's stunning in that role as well. I don't know Tiler personally, but I get the impression she is just as self-assured and sparkly in real life as she is on stage.

Doug McC

Quiz answer: It's amazing but I noticed at this performance that the maid reached under the chair and removed Clara's doll with the red dress, because the doll bed will soon be occupied by the broken nutcracker.

Your comments about the performance, particularly Tiler & Adrian & Faye, are right on the money. I thought that Kaplow's conducting was slow and wan especially in Act I, a bit better in Act II.


Yes, that's the right answer. The doll is not needed because in the upcoming scene where all the little girls rock their dolls, Clara is now rocking her new Nutcracker.

Kaplow always gives a slowish NUTCRACKER and Karoui is usually the fastest. If you get a chance to hear Arturo Delmoni conduct it, he has some very interesting ideas. He seems to be replacing Clothilde Otranto.

Doug McC

We'll get another chance to hear Maestro Karoui at the matinee on 1/3/09 when we're taking our grand-niece and her parents to the Wendy and Philip performance. I recall from the 12/12 evening performance that Karoui conducted with fairly brisk tempi.

I've been a chronic complainer about the NYCB orchestra ever since the demise of Robert Irving. But they really seem to be more robust and engaged when Karoui is on the podium. We've missed both Delmoni and Otranto during this Nutcracker season, although we heard Delmoni's superb Act I Interlude on 12/12 and enjoyed Otranto's contribution to Opening Night. I really hope that they'll both be on the music staff in the future.

And thanks for the blog post on the Blue Week -- it's a serious look at a real problem (the invisibility and variability in the gay community) done with your usual wit and imagination. (Since you didn't provide for comments with that post I'm assuming that you aren't looking for them, so feel free to delete them here.)

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