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I am so sorry that I missed this! As you know, I had a ticket for last night but a work engagement came up (which I couldn't miss since I'm leaving for London -- also partly for work -- in an hour). Your excellent review was next best to being there! Thanks so much for this piece (and thank you, too, Matt Murphy!)


Just saw this tonight and really enjoyed it, especially the second piece "Without". I thought the choreography had an interesting dynamic trajectory to it, and that it really brought out the individual character of all of the dancers. I found the Brahms to be a little generic, too much of a pastiche of solos and duets. And though I love all of these dancers and know them all well none really stood out to me except Lane & Hoven - each of them has such a distinctive way of moving that neither can really fade into the background. Then in the Chopin I was immediately struck by everything I love about each dancer - Cassone's drama & intensity, the way Hammoudi makes you see his partner through his eyes (he's starting to remind me of Gomes in that regard), Forster's lanky, loose-limbed charm, etc.


Susan, I agree the Brahms didn't break any new ground but it was so beautifully costumed, lit, played and danced that it seemed like a breath of fresh classical air. I was seated very close to the stage and it was just a total pleasure to watch...and to hear.

You have summed up Cassone, Hammoudi and Forster to perfection...and I thought Blaine Hoven almost stole the entire show. Great dancing from all.


det jeg var ute etter, takk

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