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Gina Nagy-Burns

Thank you very much for remembering my father on your site. Recently, while he was in the ICU, we listened to a recording of part of his performance in Mefistofele. My brother, who was 13 years old in 1969, snuck a little tape recorder into the auditorium and captured some wonderful bits of that extraordinary production. That was definitely a fond memory for Dad. There were many such memories. Again, Thanks. Gina


That is a nice story about playing the MEFISTOFELE for you dad while he was hospitalized.

I also made a tape of the premiere of MEFISTO (sneaking my recorder in, just like your brother did!) but it is now so fragile I don't dare try to play it.

I remember your father so vividly in so many roles.
Thank you for reading my story.

Bob Nagy

Greetings all- A thank you too from Robert Nagy Jr. here. Yes, that Mefisto performance was really the "one" for we family members.
I've shamelessly posted the last three minutes of that performance (arbite poor quality 39 year-old casette) on dad's site.
We shall dedicate ourselves to continuing his legacy of classical music...

Bob Nagy Jr. - Hot Springs

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