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An excellent review, Philip! Even though this wasn't an ideal program for many reasons, the dancers made the evening special (from principal to corps). And despite seeing a lot of terrific ballet at City Center this fall (especially Morphoses and SFB), last night confirmed that NYCB is not only dearest in my own heart (for 32 years!), but the best overall company in the world. Last night whet the appetite for more (and more!) NYCB. It's hard to single out any particular dancer last night but Andrew (wow!), Janie and Daniel, Wendy and Charles, Amar (a personal favorite, plus he's from the Bronx!), Sara and Jared (gorgeous together), Savannah and Robert (well acted too!), Jennifer's return (although I saw her this summer at SPAC too), and the simply breathtaking Maria and Sebastien (they need their own magazine cover!) were especially winning. Special mention also to our corps men -- our corps women are so dazzling that the men might sometimes get overlooked. But they are also excellent, and seem to be even better in the last few years (Adrian and Christian, especially, should be soloists).
And David Koch -- your are a true mentsch! NYCB and Opera fans thank you for your incredible generosity. Great seeing you, Rhona, Susan and everyone last night too!


I can't believe I forgot to mention
Sean (who, along with Tyler Angle, should be promoted to principal) and Sterling in the "Calcium Light Night" excerpt. They were very different than Heather and Jock, but they made it (albeit too briefly. I do like that entire ballet) their own.


I agree with your suggested promotions, Deborah!


Another thrilling moment - did you notice in the first ballet Erica Pereira's gown was tangled over her foot for most of the ballet? I could not take my eyes off her....hoping she would not trip! She even tried to untangle it a couple of times....thankfully she was able to remain calm and poised throughout.


One of the dancers told me before the show how difficult it was to dance in those costumes for CHICHESTER PSALMS.

Sara P.

Sigh....thank you for that Philip! The Unanswered Question sounds simply stunning...what a cast! And what a thrill to have Allegra seated right near you as well!!


I wanted so much to talk to Allegra Kent but I am extremely shy and also I think that celebrities are entitled to their privacy just like everyone else. So I just said 'hello'...


I've been attending NYCB opening night galas for many years and I thought that Tuesday night's program was one of the best the company has ever presented. So many outstanding performances by dancers not only at the principal and soloist levels but the corps level as well. All of this bodes very well for the Nutcracker and Winter repertory seasons to come. Have a very Happy Thanksgiving, Philip!


Thanks for keeping us non-New Yorkers up to date, Philip!


You sat in front of Allegra Kent? BE STILL MY HEART!!
Happy Thanksgiving to you and Wei!


Hi Perky,

Yes, it was a thrill to see Allegra there.

Hope you had a good Thanksgiving!


Amid all the talk about David Koch and his incredible donation to our favorite cause, I need to mention that it would be wonderful if a small fraction of the money had trickled upstate to NYCB's summer home.

Some history:

When NYCB opened the Saratoga Performing Arts Center in 1966 the season lasted four weeks. The fourth week was dropped after the 1978 season. Since 1979 we have had the incredible privilege of hosting NYCB in our community for three weeks each July. That is thirty seasons! I've rarely missed a performance for those thirty years.

I suppose if we can manage to hold on to our truncated TWO week season for the next thirty years someone will bring me from the nursing home when the season is cut to one week in 2039.

OR....this can be viewed as another opportunity to demonstrate the value of a summer home to a company and the value of hosting a residency to a community.

Friends, two weeks is not a season, it is a guest appearance. NYCB spent two weeks in Paris. No one is calling the Garnier NYCB's home.

The entire world is suffering in this economic situation. We upstaters are willing to do our part. But we need some help from the deep downstate pockets so that the NYCB/SPAC relationship can once again thrive and so that we can restore our three weeks of magic in 2010.

Please help us. Please advocate for Saratoga.

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