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Yeah, I watched a bunch of Swan Lake's and I noticed all the Russian versions -- both Bolshoi and Kirov -- had the happy ending. I loved the ballet -- and the Russians seem to perform it the best -- but the happy endings really kind of ruined it for me.


Yes, there is something really cheesy about the happy ending!


I just watched this last night - I think Zakharova is a wonderful dancer with great technique & musicality, beautiful phrasing & perfect body for ballet - but her Giselle left me cold Actually, I've felt this way about her almost every time I've seen her dance live. The exceptions were Bayadere (loved her in this live & on the DVD with Bolle) and Don Q.

Basically, in the first act I never felt that she was a lowly village girl or even the littlest bit naive, I always saw a prima dancing a role which, for me, undercuts the drama completely. But then, I have memories of Fonteyn, Fracci, Makarova & Gelsey in this - all great dramatic ballerinas.

Philip, there is a DVD with Cojocaru & Kobberg that was just released - my favorite contemporary interpreters...

Bolle is gorgeous and is a beautiful, elegant dancer - can't wait to see him in SL with Part!


Susan, I said to Wei when we were watchcing the Zakharova/Bolle that people will either really like her in it or really NOT like her! We were so bowled over by her dancing...I guess we sort of mentally filled in the blank spots in her interpretation. I do agree she is a prima ballerina playing at being Giselle... but not in a bad way!

I was wondering what you thought of the Myrthe? I've seen many negative comments about her but I think she is pretty good.

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