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I am really looking forward to seeing
"Calcium Light Night" tonight. I remember seeing it at its premiere (1991?), with Jock
and Heather (so great together), and really liking it a lot. Sterling (lovely dancer) and Sean (one of my favorites!) are such different dancers, but I bet they'll make it their own. I am counting the hours until the curtain. See you tonight!


Yes, CALCIUM is quirky and Sterling & Sean should be super in it. I remember Alexandra Ansanelli & Edwaard Liang dancing it, and before that Cara Copeland with Edwaard.

Sara P.

I can't wait to hear your thoughts about the performance. I am insanely jealous up here in Saratoga! :)



Wish you could be here, Sara!


Give my regards to Fay├žal!!

Account Deleted

I heard the theater seats have been "fluffed up" for the current year and then next year they will replace them entirely.

Account Deleted

The website says the original cast of Calcium Night Light was Heather Watts and Daniel Duell, not Jock Soto....


Thanks for posting the photo of Ellen Ostrom. I especially noticed her last season in Quadrille. Apart from her qualities as a dancer she has a lovely aristocratic profile.


Yes, I like Ellen very much; saw her Arabian in NUTCRACKER last Winter and she repeats it this year. "Aristocratic" is the right word....and nice long legs as well!


Of course I meant Le Tombeau de Couperin, which I always call Quadrille.

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