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I'm so glad you could come with me! I had a great time meeting your friends, Deborah and Rhona! And Ibsen's House was every bit as dramatically wonderful as you said. It definitely made me want to read up on my Ibsen. I loved Lorena too - - I think, overall, she's my favorite in the company. And of course I liked the Elo, you know me :S I really enjoyed the whole program. I liked Tomasson's work too since it showcases classical steps, and excellent dancers doing them. I'm really sad to see them go...

Burlington Willes

For those of us here in
San Francisco who could not
be in NYC, many thanks for
this excellent and very
timely review. Bravo!


How I wish the SFB could have stayed at City Center for a full second week. SFB has such a plethora of exciting and unique dancers; it's been a joy to watch this company (and all three programs) in the past week.
Great to see you and Rhona today, and to meet Tonya!


Tonya, I felt exactly the same about wanting to read some Ibsen now...I actually have very little experience with his writing and all from a long time ago.

I know Deborah is a keen Ibsenite and that she disliked the ballet quite intensely. So did a couple other people who saw it. It seems to evoke strong responses, whether positive or negative. I guess that's a good thing.

Burlington, thank you for the very nice remarks...San Franciscans are truly fortunate to have this beautiful Company.

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