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hehe you'd better come to see them again! I was reminded at how lovley the Divertimento tutus are. Thanks for the great coverage, it was fun reading about it through your eyes.


When do you suppose they will visit NYC again??


Don't they come every few years? I know they were there a few years ago, to perform Mark Morris' Sylvia and some other pieces with a really flashy gala where they performed an inhumanly amount of pieces. Did you see them that time, or is this your first experience with them?


Davit is so stunning. Excellent pictures. And they make me realize I never got to see Tiit...


Oh, and Jolene, I remember that gala! I was so incredibly sick, I could barely breathe. And I had this unpleasant stuff in my eye that honestly prevented me from being able to see properly... I remember being dizzy sitting up in those side nosebleeds in the State Theater. I do remember Sylvia and all of those gala pieces -- it was overload! This was much more manageable!


haha, that DOES sound unpleasant! Sylvia's one of my favorite full lengths, it's unfortunate you saw it while being so sick. I'm so sad that you missed seeing Tiit Helimets! He is a gorgeous dancer and one of my (many) faves.


These interviews are wonderful, Philip! You really get to know the SFB dancers a bit better after reading the interviews. Thank you for posting this!
I wish NYCB would do something similar on their website.


Jolene, I did SFB once before...maybe a dozen years ago. They did Val Caniparoli's LAMBARENA which was unforgettable. So it's been a while. It's like a whole new Company now and...wow, they are spectacular!

Deborah, yes - the interviews are great! For a while Pauline Golbin was doing her Dancer on Dancer interviews on the NYCB site which were wonderful.
I'm wishing for Kristin Sloan to do some 5 minute video-bios of at least the principals, showing them in class, onstage, talking about their careers and maybe with a glimpse of their 'outside' lives.


Oh, and Tonya...Tiit Helimets is unbelievably great! He and Sylve did the second couple in IBSEN the first night I saw it, they were so intense. Helimets is very tall but very agile and the scale of his dancing is magnificent. He can give Marcelo and Roberto a run for their money! I want to see him & Sylve in BAYADERE!


Magnificent photographs. Simply gorgeous.


Yes, SFB have two excellent photographers: Erik Tomasson and Chris Hardy. And their press people are very generous in allowing access to them.

Curious reader

The photo of Yuan Yuan Tan and Tiit Helimets appear to be from Tomasson's ballet "The Fifth Season", instead of "Fusion".


Yes, Curious Reader...that was my mistake. I have corrected the caption. Thanks for noticing it and letting me know.

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