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Thanks for the excellent writeup! It sounds like it was a fun performance. There was an easy sexiness to Wheeldon's piece that I really liked. I know what you mean about Possohkov's piece; it was pleasing, intriguing, visually interesting, and complexly layered, but there's something about it that's a little vague/inaccessible/unclear. Perhaps you're right in that it requires a second viewing.

Did Wheeldon take a bow as well? Was the house pretty full?


Christopher was there but he didn't appear onstage. The orchestra level was virtually full and friends reported a big crowd upstairs. The audience frequently applauded the dancers in mid-ballet.

FUSION is a very subtle ballet; there is an awful lot to observe and absorb and a single performance is just so tantalizing. It's a ballet you could see repeatedly and probably find more and more in it on each viewing.

Oddly, the curtain rose on FUSION but there was some problem in the pit - possibly one of the key players was late getting seated. After thirty seconds they stopped and lowered the curtain. The audience murmured in curiosity but then after about a minute they started the ballet again.


Great to see you and Wei! Your review
summarizes the performance perfectly.
I, too, was captivated by Yuan Yuan Tan.
I also thought the men were outstanding (not to say the women weren't terrific too!). Although I'm going to SFB two more times, I'm now going to try to add another performance to see this program again. It was that wonderful!


Yuan Yuan Tan certainly stood out for sheer star-power; it's a Company full of wonderful and highly individual dancers. The men are really classy: technically vivid, and very strong and accomplished in the partnering sequences.


I loved the Ballet last evening particularly Fusion and Whithin the Golden Hour. The performances were outstanding to say the least. The company is equal to NYCB or any other..if not better actually. The men are much more appealing and seem to be stronger and just more fluid that the NYCB..which I have attended for 20 years and being a former dancer myself is just my own opinion. The music we cannot undermine as the choices blended beautifully with the movements. Bravo!!!


I'm glad the house was full, and the audience reception enthusiastic. Yuan Yuan Tan is a marvel and has one of those rare talents which she makes everything look like it was choreographed on her.

Philip, I had a fun time writing that SFB primer. :) It's totally my taste though, and I realize that what I like, not everyone else is going to like. But I'm fine with disagreement. I hope it helped!


Deborah, I am also trying to find a way to go to this program again.


I love your review of FUSION -- even though you said you couldn't fully describe it, I think you did a tremendous job and your excitement really makes me want to see it!


Jolene, I feel blogging - unlike writing for pay for someone else's publication - has to be personal. That's what really makes it meaningful. Your items about the new SFB ballets are so insightful and detailed, I'm tempted to just borrow them outright.

Tonya, as Jolene said when she wrote about the FUSION performance in San Francisco, it is a many-layered work. I think it's a piece open to many interpretations, and really rich in imagery and choreographic detail. I'm looking forward to reading what you think of it. When are you going?

Burlington Willes

Your excellent review and
the fascinating comments
(house pretty full, guests
in the audience)was a terrific read for someone
back here in San Francisco
who wished he could have been
there. Many thanks for the
timely report, outdoing the
NYTimes by at least 36 hrs.


Hi Burlington, and thanks for your message. I know when NYCB is on tour I am always searching for reviews and news on the blogs 'the morning after'...

Alastair Macauley was in the audience so his NY TIMES review should appear soon if it hasn't already.

You are fortunate that SFB is your home Company - so many fine dancers and very wide-ranging rep.

I'll be seeing another programme on Tuesday.

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