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Thanks for the short update on Rory. It was a shock when he took his final bow at SF Ballet b/c it looked like he was moving up since he'd been cast in so many things last year. But it sounds like he's doing well in Morphoses, even though he'll still be horribly missed!

Love the photos, sounds like a good performance.


Rory is a captivating dancer; his solo in COMMEDIA really lit up the stage.


A most gracious and well-written review, Philip. I can't add anything except how incredibly exciting it was to see dancers whom I've never seen before. Chris has put together quite the thrilling group.
As I mentioned to you at intermission, Wendy was so spectacular in Polyphonia that I found myself with tears running down my cheeks. Also, Tyler Angle,
as her partner (filling the simply irreplaceable Jock), did a fantastic job.
And what a treat to see Edwaard Liang again (once a year isn't enough). He was always one of my favorite NYCB dancers. Finally, to add to the list of
"our" dancers in the audience -- I sat right near Adrian Danchig-Waring (whom I think is dancing in Morphoses tonight). Adrian looked very handsome -- wearing a beautiful suit -- and was happily talking to fellow dancers and fans alike (will this outstanding dancer make it out of the corps this year? I sure hope so!). See you Sat. afternoon!


Wendy was extraordinarily beautiful in POLYPHONIA; I can see how she moved you to tears.

It is a really spectacular Company of dancers and I'm looking forward to finding more facets in the Molnar and in COMMEDIA tonight.


Sounds like a fantastic performance. Thanks for the review.


Hi Kay: wish you were here!

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