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That is such sad news, Philip. You know, my mother died of rheumatoid arthritis at the age of 62; she was a singer, too. How odd.


Erika, I never realized that your mom had died from arthritis. It's such a cruel disease: I remember my mother just woke up with it one day when she was in her early 40s and then suffered for forty years.

How old was your mother when she began to feel the effects of it? My mom's doctor told her that the onset was somehow related to menopause.

There is a touching connection with Gail Robinson that you will appreciate: when Makiko didn't get chosen for the final top ten in the Met Auditions, it was Gail Robinson who consoled her.

Greg Toney

My wife Jennifer Lohmeyer is Gail's daughter. I am trying to locate any types of her recordings to give to Jen. If you have any recordings, like the one you speak of above, I would love to pay for a copy of them to present to Jen. She would be so grateful. Please e-mail me at gtoney87@yahoo.com.

Greg Toney

Darla Diltz

I am also interested in the LUCIA recording. I am preparing to sing the role in a performance dedicated to Gail in Lexington. I was her student here for 4 years. Let me know if you can help!
Darla Diltz


Darla, I will send you an e-mail...

Thanks for contacting me!


I first saw Ms. Robinson as Papagena in MAGIC FLUTE with the Met on tour in Atlanta. It was love at first sight (and hearing). Over the years, I was lucky to have heard Ms. Robinson in many roles including Lucia/Gilda/Rosina/Marie/Norina/Constanza and numerous recitals. She was one of the best lyric-coloraturas and a very special lady and friend. She will be missed. Rest in peace dear lady.
Ron Pollard

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