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Anne Coburn Whitmore

I absolutely CAN*NOT* WAIT for this!! The Glass Pieces, Serenade, Bizet excerpts were fantastic (ref: PBS airing). I'm wishing/hoping/praying that there is even more included on the DVD! Great review! [as usual :)] ...now I'm even more impatient for my copy ;).


This sounds like a wonderful DVD (Wendy and Jock! Yippee!). Like Anne, I'm looking to receiving my copy.


I'm so excited for this! my Birthday is coming up... I know what to ask for!


I feel certain you will all really enjoy this DVD and I look forward to hearing your reactions. Hopefully I can find time in the coming week to watch it again!


Hi Phillip!!
This DVD is at the top of my Christmas list. Great to read your enthusiastic review. Thanks!


Hi Perky, I was just last week wondering where you had disappeared to...it's great to see your name here again!


I saw this documentary when it first aired on PBS and it was wonderful so I'm looking forward to receiving the DVD and having the opportunity to see it again. I agree, though, that the inclusion of the Ansanelli segments, though it added a bit of drama, was a bit bizarre.

Richard Blanshard director ogBBB

Hi everybody,

I am very pleased that you have liked the DVD of BBB.
I'd be happy to discuss the film at any time.

We have and and continue to get great response to the project it was a great experience for me.


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