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Philip -- what you think is a "cobbled-together" review is more detailed and better written than almost all of the other reviewers around (including "name" critics with major newspapers). I was already excited about seeing ABT on Sat. afternoon, but after reading your review I literally can't wait!


You would not believe how frustrated I was when my original post disappeared into cyber-space! I have a big vocabulary of curse words and I used them all...that's a side of me you probably haven't seen!

Anyway, now that I added a bit since last night I feel better about it. I should write more about the Kylian, but I will when I've have a chance to see it next week.

One nice thing about this gala was that it featured all of the ABT principals who have been announced to appear at the City Center performances (a few of the stars had opted out of the Fall season), as well as giving some nice opportunities to the fine corps dancers like Aaron Scott and Simone Messmer.


Choreography by Craig? What a talented guy...


Craig also teaches Company class.


Terrific review as usual.ABT must really trust him to handle the company class.i don't recall of anyone teaching co class while still very young.He must still be in his twenties,Too bad i will miss the season,will be out of the country for the next 2 weeks.


Thank you so much for the shout-out :) I really did love Craig's work -- I think it shows he really has a future as a choreographer, if he wants to go in that direction.

Great review too, and, as everyone else is saying, I can't believe this is the 'inferior' draft. I would like to see some of those pictures you lost though...


Craig became a Company class teacher by vote of his colleagues. He has strong grounding, having worked with Edward Villella at Miami City Ballet. He also has keen musical instincts and is one of the few young people I know who is really into opera.

Tonya, I found the photos thru Google image search but I am too busy (lazy?) to search for them again!

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