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Congrats on the blogging milestone, Philip. I agree, we bloggers definitely have a great little community going. :)


Congrats, Philip! Quite the milestone. I always enjoy reading your detailed, and thoughtful reviews full of unwavering support for your passions. People underestimate the amount of work it takes to maintain a blog on a regular basis; your dedication to sharing your thoughts is much appreciated!




Congratulations! I read your Blog every day and hope that we have many more years of it to look forward to!


Congratulations Philip! Your insightful, detailed, well-written reviews are as artful as the performances that you are covering. And for those who read this blog, but haven't been lucky enough to meet you in person, I will attest to the fact that you are just as smart, charming and fun in person as you are in writing. I've also enjoyed getting to know the lovely and handsome Wei, who always has interesting things to say about a particular performance. Thanks also for the great picture of Wendy and Pauline!
Here's to a great 2008-2009 season filled with wonderful performances and
more terrific reviews on "Oberon's Grove."

Sara P.

Just offering my congrats! I'm so happy I found your wonderful blog! I definitely appreciate all of the time you take to keep everyone up to date!


Thanks for all the good wishes...(blushing)...

Doug McC

Congratulations, Philip. I've been reading "Oberon's Grove" ever since you disappeared from Ballet Talk. Your comments on dance are always articulate and almost always enthusiastic. The blog is fun to read and informative. It doesn't betray the long hours you put into it.


Hi Doug, and thank you for reading my blog. It seems ages ago when I used to write at Ballet Talk. I have since met some of the BT folks and it's good to keep in touch with them.

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