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George Weinhouse MD

Yes, . Those were the days! I remember that particular weekend--unbelievable casts for all three operas. I agree; Irene Dalis was the definitive NURSE, literally living the role. I had the privilege of knowing Miss Dalis personally and she is a warm and extremely generous human being,a truly wonderful person.
By the way, if I am not incorrect, Anna Reynolds played but the FRicka and the Rhinemaiden she was scheduled to sing (but only in the first scene) Someone else sang the last few lines.


Yes, I think it was Shirley Love who sang the offstage Rhinemaiden at the end...


I have the privilege of playing in the opera orchestra of Opera San José, and to see Miss Dalis cheering her wonderful singers on. She is one wonderful woman, to be sure.

Such fun to read your blog. Thank you.


Thank you for writing, Patty...please tell Irene Dalis that she has lots of fans here in NYC!

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