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Infact all three have participated in New York Choreographic Institute. Melissa Barack numerous times since 2000, and Douglas Lee in fall 2006 and fall 2007: I see from my programs, first to music by John Cage and Arvo Part, and then to music by Steve Reich. The performances at the end of the sessions are only for a small audience and luckily I've been able to see a couple of the spring sessions when SAB students are used (because my daughter participated). There are alot of talented young choreographers trying things out there. It is exciting that some of them will now have this opportunity with NYCBallet - can't wait to see what they do!


I am so extremely excited about new pieces, BUT I am also thrilled with the return of Slaughter on 10th Avenue and the keeping of Slice to Sharp and Oltremare (which I will become bankrupt from seeing)!

Bravo NYCB!


Between the new ballets and the revivals it is going to be an exciting season and - as you say, Sarah - a drain on the bank account.


Gaaah - what am I missing - where are you guys seeing the programming for the Winter Season!?! Is it on the NYCB website??? And who do we think will be cast in Slaughter?!?!?


I've only put together bits and pieces about the Winter rep, but maybe Sarah has more complete info...?

Sara P.

Looks like I will be making many trips to the city this year! I am so excited to see Slaughter! My top 2 picks...Georgina Pazcoguin and Teresa Reichlen. I know... 2 very different dancers...but I think either would be wonderful! I can't wait to see what else will be included in the season!


Yes, I think you are right, Sara P. --- Georgina Pazcoguin would be awesome in Slaughter! How exciting...I can't wait to see what happens!


I'm guessing that Maria (who's already danced the role) and Tess will be the
dance the lead roll in "Slaughter."
I really like Georgina, but she went a little too far over the top in "West Side Story Suite" -- I'd be afraid she'd do the same in "Slaughter." I loved Sofiane in this role (I wonder if they do it at PNB?). I think Savannah Lowery has the makings for this as well. Since Sara Mearns (whom I adore) gets a lot of the prime roles these days, I wouldn't be shocked to see her in this either. I bet Andrew Veyette will do Damian's role (that's how I think of it, it least in the last decade or so). I wonder if Kyle Froman will tap dance again? I hope so!


The programming highlights are now listed on the NYCB website. In addition to the ballets already mentioned, I am also thrilled by the return to the repertory of Chaconne, Coppelia, and Balanchine's one-act Swan Lake. We can all begin speculating on the casting for each of those.


Thanks for the update, Philip!
Can you imagine the stress of following Jock in "Chiaroscuro?" I, too, think it's be Gonzalo or Albert. I'd love to see Craig Hall in it too.


Ooh, the full-length Coppelia?! I have never seen NCYB's version! This is really exciting! I do seem to remember that Megan Fairchild was cast in the lead when she was still in the Corps several years ago....


NYCB's COPPELIA is an absolute delight. Anyone who hasn't seen it before is in for a treat. It was seeing Patty McBride dance in it in the late 70s that first made me fall in love with ballet. Alexandra Ansanelli was brilliant in the lead several years ago and Yvonne Borree has also performed it many times. I never saw Megan Fairchild in the lead but it's her type of role and I'm sure that she would be superb in it. It would also be a great role for Sterling Hyltin and Kathryn Morgan.


I was at the NYC premiere of COPPELIA and both TJ (the person who introduced me to ballet) and I hated the Danilova staging of the second act. But the third act is pure Balanchine and we were especially taken with Merrill Ashley's Dawn. McBride & Tomasson were the perfect Swanhilda and Franz.

Later Pater Martins had a huge success dancing Franz. Judith Fugate was one of the loveliest Swanhildas and Ansanelli was superb.


Ooooh - I agree about Kathryn Morgan in the lead! I think she would be very well suited for it. Can't wait to see who Martins ends up choosing!!


I'd like to see Ana Sophia Scheller and Antonio Carmena in COPPELIA.

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