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Sara P.

What a wonderful story Philip!!

Anne Coburn Whitmore

I've loved all my visits to Oberon's Grove! - but none as much as today's. You are a beautiful writer and a wonderful person. Thank you for sharing this - it's left a spell, this memory shared. Touching and stirring .. entrancing ... thank you so much,
Anne Coburn Whitmore


I'm never sure if these 'personal' stories are of interest, so the above comments are very meaningful. And I also received some nice e-mails about this story.

Anne from Pau

Yes, Philip, your personal stories are indeed very interesting - you certainly should'nt worry about boring us.
Here in Pau, we are looking forward to the 2008/2009 Season which starts on October 10th (with works by Prokofiev and Tchaikovski) and especially looking forward to seeing Fayçal conduct again, of course!
In the meantime, we will see the NYCB perform in Paris on September 20th:
Carousel (A Dance)
Barber Violin Concerto
West Side Story Suite
If all goes according to plan, Fayçal should join us and other patrons of orchestra for dinner afterwards!
All in all, I thinks it will be a wonderful evening.


Hi Anne,

I hope your plans to see NYCB in Paris work out and that you will be sure to send us a report!

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