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What an incredible story! Philip, you are such a fantastic writer and it's so kind of you to share these amazing life/cultural experiences with the rest of us. Thanks also for sharing the picture, which I think you look gorgeous in!


Thanks Sarah, and welcome home!


Gilda sounds like a wonderful woman (love that she works with canine companions) as well as a beautiful singer. Your piece is superb; I do hope you send it to Gilda. In this very tough world, it's a blessing to read such a kind, generous and captivating story. Thank you for sharing it with all of us, Philip!


She is one of the kindest and warmest people you could ever meet. It's nice to see on my stats this morning how many people have already read this story.


I, too, have a story of packing up everything I owened and moving to NYC. Thankfully I had a job waiting for me but it took me a while to get settled nonetheless. That is what is great about NYC - you come here when you are not quite sure what else to do with yourself! And I am glad every day that I made the move (for me it was from Iowa.)

Maury D'Annato

Always nice to read an adoring reminiscence. She taught at UT while I lived in Austin and people spoke very fondly of her. Though it's not a voice I've spent a lot of time with, the "D'Amor" you posted a link to is terrific.


Thanks, Maury...it's too bad there are so few video documents of G-C-R, and no commercial recordings that I know of.

Howard Lichterman

Dear Philip,

I appear to have lost my email to you so I will write it again. I also knew Gilda and Bob from 1969 onwards (I moved from NY to London in 1971) and then saw them both when she performed at Covent Garden and the Vienna Staatsoper. My partner, Michael, and I had many fun evenings with them both. Eventually we lost touch and now I am hoping, through you, to reconnect with them. I would really appreciate if the next time you write to her you can mention us, tell her we're both fine and happily retired, and we'd love to communicate with her again.

Many thanks.

Howard Lichterman and Michael Ratcliffe


Howard, I have sent you an e-mail with Gilda's mailing address so you can get in touch with her directly.

Maria Helleberg

...and she was a great MOVER on stage! Aida is a rather static part, but Gilda made her come to life. Today she would, I think, be recording a lot more...I treasure her LUISA MILLER, not amilksop but a real young woman


Yes, Gilda was very good onstage...I especially remember her Mimi and Tosca as deeply feminine, REAL women.

Alan Armstrong

I'm still waiting for the cruz-romo/ domingo / Milnes Otello to come out on DVD. What a fantastic performance that was!!!


A friend of mine taped that OTELLO off the air...we watched it a couple of years ago. The tape quality is pretty muddy but the singing is great!

Luis Marquez

Dear Sir:
Would it be possible to get some live performances of this great artist? I am looking for the Othello on video telecasted from the Met.
Yours very truly,
Professor Luis Marquez

Erwin H.Kupitz

Dear Philip
Thanks for tis wonderful story,I found this by searching(again) for Gilda Cruz Romo !
I ´am a fan of "Gilda" since I have heard here Voice for the very first time on CD in Norma.Never saw here live on Stage,that was unfortunately before my time .Since then I collected everything I could find from Gilda Cruz Romo on Audio Tape as well on Video,and still collect.

Thanks for sharing these Photos of here as well and the story about here activities after she retired from Stage.

If you are interested in any of my Recordings of Gilda I´m more than happy to make a copy for you.
Don´t hesitate to e mail me.

Thanks and
Happy 2009


Thanks, Luis and Erwin...it's great to hear from Gilda's fans around the world!

Luis, did you receive my e-mail?


Hello, my name is Dierdre I performed in many operas with the Connecticut Grand Opera and had the pleasure and privilege of landing the role of Gilda's child in "Norma" we stayed in touch for years, but unfortunately lost touch when I moved from the area. I have thought of her often and would love to know how I could get back in touch with her.


Hi Dierdre,

I will send you an e-mail with Gilda's address.

Dan Shaindlin


Nice writing! Brings back memories. I have a question and I bet you have the answer. I have a fine sounding tape here-Mefistofele with Gilda-New York City Opera 1972. Other then Morelli as conductor I have no information. Do you know the cast? 9/6/72. Be glad to share with you and Gilda. She was really wonderful.




Dan, let me do a bit of research among my Playbills...I think I might have been there that day!


As it turns out I was not at the MEFISTO of 9/6/72, but I am guessing the basso is either Michael Devlin or Robert Hale.

Josue Gonzalez

I had the privilege of meeting Gilda Cruz Romo at a Master Class at the Universtity of Texas At San Antonio. The master class was being done by Martina Arroyo, who is also a great woman, but Gilda made her presence known. Since then, I have taken a break from singing and hope to get back on track since my fach is to be Dramatic/Heleden Tenor and I am still in my twenties. To me, being first generation American Citizen, it is an honor to see and even be in the same room with such a talented, accomplished, and passionate woman. Viva Gilda!


Dear Philip,
I am fall in love with gilda's voice since i've heard her on youtube at the very first time. How could i contact her ? Mail me pls !!Thanks A LOT!Have a great day!
Berlin, Germany
my email add. is : [email protected]


I remember when Gilda was singing Desdemona here in Chicago. She was interviewed on the local classical music station, and when asked what singer influenced her as a young girl, she said "I would go to the movies and see Deanna Durbin, and I wanted to be just like Deanna Durbin!" I remember her incredible pianissimo singing in Verdi's Atilla here too.

Earl Carter

This season, 09/10, will be the 16th year for the Puccini Society of Dallas. We would like to honor Gilda Cruz-Romo with a weekend that would celebrate her career---a presentation for her to express thoughts/interpretations of the Puccini heroines she sang, and attend performances of the Dallas Opera in the new opera house opening in October. May I please have any information, including contacts in San Antonio, that would be helpful for these objectives.
Thank you.

Earl Carter

carterearl [email protected]


3310 Fairmount Suite 5C
Dallas, Texas


for Ms.Gilda Cruz Romo-soprano
Dear Lady
I collect authographes and letters from very important opera singers in the world.
Please very much to send me(not with e-mail please) a photo with your dedication and a letter.
Thank you very much and all my best whishes!
Yours sincerely
Arthur Kremer
Keren Hayesod St.4
Holon 58488

New York hotel

I also moved to new york not knowing what will be waiting for me..i fell in love in the city and i worked hard.now i've got 2 children nd we still live in new-york. nice post!

Rev. Robert Russo

Don't know if you will get this but I shall try. Gilda gave a concert in a large auditorium for our church many years ago. I lost touch with her and would like very much to be able to contact her and Bob again. Many thanks.

Rev. Robert T. Russo

Received a beautiful Christmas Card and note from Gilda. It was a great gift hearing from her and Bob after so many years. What a gracious lady....

Erwin H Kupitz

Dear Philip
Yes i´m indeed a Gilda Cruz Romo Fan and I would like to ask you for a favor.
Is it possible that you can get me in touch with Mrs Cruz Romo ,I´m living partial in the US (Los Angeles) and in Cologne(germany)
I would love to possibly get some Autoghrape from here and if at all possible while in the US next time maybe have the honor to meet Mrs Cruz Romo.
Here is my personal E mail Adress which is [email protected].
please don´t hesitate to use it if you like to contact me.
I will be back in La in March for working on a new Movie in holiwood.
Thanks for your help and the wonderfull Page.
My Best
Erwin from Germany

Gilda Muñoz Rodríguez

Hi, my name is Gilda Muñoz and I want to know about Gilda Cruz Romo cause she´s my godmother and she was a very close friend of my Dad (Pedro Muñoz), unfortunaly We lost touch, so we love to know her e-mail adress to get back in contact with her.
Thanks a lot:
Gilda Muñoz Rodríguez


Hi Gilda,

I do not have an e-mail address for Gilda Cruz-Romo but I will send you an e-mail with her mailing address.

Philip aka Oberon


Hi! My name is Ann Marie Sarino-Baring. I would like to ask for help from Ms. Gilda Romo as she can identify my uncle who is a victim of the recent Joplin, Missouri tornado.

My uncle is MR. THOMAS SARINO an accountant, who used to work for Ms. Romo way back. He first set foot in New York during the 1960s and transferred to Joplin in 1995.My uncle has been missing since sunday and we don't have anybody in the US to help us identify him. Police won't give us any information re my uncle. There are many claims that his body was found but couldn't get a verification on this.

This is a very desperate move on our family to ask for help from Ms. Romo as she doesn't know us. But we do hope she can still remember my uncle.

We only want his remains to be transported back to the Philippines.

Thank you.


Mayettesarino, please e-mail me at [email protected]

Saralee Claire Green-Sicard

Thank you so much for posting this about mi Tia Gilda. My grandparents, George and Genny Swisher, fell in love with Gilda (& Bob too :)) In the 1970's, and 'adopted' her into our family, our hearts, our love. She and Bob are some of the sweetest people I have ever known. Her contributions as a singer are absolutely amazing, hands down one of the most beautiful Pucchini and Verdi Mezzos ever, AND, I think even more as a teacher to the younger generations of singers while working as a voice professora at UT Austin. Gilds is awesome. I am so blessed: even though it was very hard for her to sing in the last decade, we were blessed with her coming to the hospital when my son Ian was born in 2000 in San Antonio, as she sang him his very first Happy Birthday! Wow, I will never forget that blessing. May everyone be inspired by such an angel as she.
Saralee Claire Green, daughter of Willson and Maryanne Swisher Green, grandchild of George and Genny Swisher, her american family that adores her.
[email protected]

Thomas Dombrowski

This website came surprisingly up to me and reminded me on a wonderful "Forza del destino" production at Vienna Staatsoper in 1974 with Muti and Siepi and this beautiful and impassionate latina as Leonora. Unfortunately, Gilda Cruz-Romo didn't return to Vienna as far as I know. Her performance was admirable and somwhere I've kept a MC with parts of the radio broadcasting. Then, I was a teenager and fall in love to Gilda !?

Peter Symcox, RAdio-CAnada.

I directed Gilda in her wonderful Butterfly for the Florentine Opera, Milwaukee , in 1978, and fell in love with her not only as a person but also with her beautiful voice; later she appeared, as a collaborator in my television "Portrait" of Louis Quilico for RAdio-CAnada. Would it be possible for you to forward my email address, so that we might get in touch again? I wojuld so appreciate this. Peter Symcox.


Hi Peter,

I don't have Gilda's e-mail address but if you e-mail me at [email protected] I will send you her actual address and you can write to her.

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