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I always wanted to add that I am disappointed that both Tess and Rachel weren't named Principals. Maybe in the winter season?


I just noticed this too! There was no formal announcement yet but I saw that Damian Woetzel's name was off, as was Tom Gold....and as I perused the names I saw Sara Mearns in Princpals! Yeah! She deserves it!!


Thanks for posting this news! Sara has "prima" written all over her!


I was hoping that Rachel & Tess would also get promoted...they certainly deserve it.


And Adrian Danchig-Waring....I think he deserves a promotion relatively soon too.


It's very odd that there would be only "one" promotion (however well deserved that one is) this season. Perhaps there will be an additional round of promotions during or after the Saratoga season.


I love Sara, and I too wish Rachel was there, Tess too.

Good for Sara. Brava


Wow I am so excited for Sara and proud of her, I danced with her in SC and have seen her grow since she was just 8 years old dancing black swan with her brother! Her now deceased first teacher Miss Ann would be so proud (as are all of us in Columbia)!


Hi Cristina,

Thanks for the recollection of Sara's earliest ballet experiences. Did her brother pursue a career in dance?

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