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Wow. Hard to believe that only 2 1/2 years ago she was still a member of the Corps! Talk about a fast rise to the top! And much deserved.


Great entry! I agree that a young Odette really works for Swan Lake. I love how she fit the artistry of the role, and even sacrificed the fouettes so that she could dance it. Totally justified in my book.


What a treat to read your post from 2006!
And speaking about a fast rise, besides Darci (who also became a Principal in less than two years) can you recall anyone else? Im trying to think of others (in the last 25 years) but I'm coming up blank.

Happy 4th of July! I'll be at ABT Sat. afternoon.


I think Darci was in the Corps and a Soloist for 1 year each - whereas Sara was in for 2 years each. But, yes, it was a very rapid rise.


I also read somewhere that Sara Mearns said she was never a "favorite" at SAB...which I find very interesting. You just never know who is going to take the ball and run with it once in the Company.


You are absolutely right about both Darci and Sara (I just checked their NYCB bios).
Still, as you said, a very rapid rise. And hooray for this! I am sure that Tess will get promoted (soon) but from what I hear Rachel may not. She is a favorite of mine.


Oops, I meant to address Amy about Darci and Sara. But Laura love your comments about Sara not being an SAB favorite.


Peter said that in his Black Swan he didn't want it to be all about fouettes. He gave the dancers the option of doing all of them or doing half of them and then something else. I saw many variants in the course of seeing all the different Odiles.


Yes I think Tess will be promoted but I don't see it happening to Rachel. It's too bad - she is a very special dancer. A lot of it is luck and timing, too.


Sometimes the 'politics' of ballet echelons is baffling. Rachel dances principal roles, looks great, can be partnered easily by any of the male principals and is comfortable in a tutu, in tulle or in a leotard. She is in essence a principal whether they want to give her the designation or not. My friend Rob who has this season just started attending NYCB was surprised that she isn't a principal - he simply assumed that she was - and he singled her out at every performance as one of his favorites.

Tess as a principal is inevitable. I love the way she has stepped up her 'star quality' this past season and now communicates radiantly with the audience.


NY Sun finally posted the announcement back on July 1st: http://tinyurl.com/55823b

But why isn't there an announcement yet on the NYCB page? (There's also a photo of Sara Mearns and Gonzalo Garcia in the Front Row Center page.)


You're right: I still don't see a press release on the website.

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