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I love seeing names like Kyra Nichols in the corps roles. It reminds me that everybody starts somewhere!

Sara P.

and one of my childhood favorites...Judith Fugate!

Philip...Can I add to your list? How about SQUARE DANCE? I've always read how difficult a ballet it is to dance...but also very exciting! I'd love to see it!


Yes, SQUARE DANCE for sure...though it has been done more recently than the ballets I listed.

Judith Fugate danced so beautifully - I saw her do a lovely Swanhilda in COPPELIA. Yes, it is fun to see these names listed...and Marnee Morris, who was one of my top favorite dancers when I first started going to NYCB.


What a treat to see this program! I started going to NYCB in 1976 and remember most of these dancer. I adored Wilhemina Frankfurt and, of course, all of the better known dancers as well. CORTEGE seems like it would be perfect for Danny (or Antonio or Adam or any of our greatest technicians).More Mr. B please! (although I am a big Robbins fan as you know).


I too have a preference for Mr. Balanchine over Mr. Robbins, though I enjoyed the recent celebration. The Swan Lake program dates from 2 years before my first experience of NYCB and many of the names fill me with nostalgia.
A wonderful blog. Many thanks.


Thank you, Peter! I'm so glad I saved all my old cast lists from operas and ballets - I will try to include them on my blog more often.


I enjoy looking over my programs from even 7 or 8 years ago. It's a reminder that the Company is always changing and a dancer who is this year's Snowflake might be next year's Sugarplum Fairy!!!


I was just looking at some old programs last night. One "not so old one" from a Stamford City Ballet performance of Nutcracker included Christopher Wheeldon as one of the mice. There ya' go!

And as for Balanchine and Robbins...I do believe I can appreciate Robbins' choreography more thanks to Balanchine. I like how they compliment eachother.


Clearly Philip, you didn't go to one of the recent Spring Workshops (2007 I think) which featured a performance of Gounod Symphony. :) The scenery was gorgeous with trademark Karinska long tutus featuring the layering of various colours.

It was also at a Spring Workshop too that I got to see Bourée Fantasque. Do you think the work will be danced by the main company again?

Regarding the Robbins celebration, I loved the diversity of styles and the inventiveness but there were times I was pining for lush orchestration especially for those programs dominated with solo piano works.


I remember that GOUNOD was included in a recent Workshop but I wonder when was the last time it was danced by the Company?

Two Robbins ballets that I was hoping would be revived for the Celebration were AN EVENING'S WALTZES and SCHERZO FANTASTIQUE which I remember used to drive audiences wild.

Aside from Balanchine and Robbins, what's happened to Jacques D'Amboise's IRISH FANTASY and Lar Lubovitch's RHAPSODY IN BLUE?

Speaking of Lar Lubovitch, Tonya pointed him out to me in the audience at the Joyce last night.


Christopher Wheeldon must have been a very tall mouse!


Along with d'Amboise's IRISH FANTASY and Lubovitch's RHAPSODY IN BLUE, I would love to see Robbins's GERSHWIN CONCERTO again. I still have vivid and wonderful memories of the original cast (Kistler, Calegari, Tomlinson and Chris d'Amboise)and was very disappointed that it wasn't revived for this spring's Robbins festival.

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