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I would have loved to have filled one of those empty seats to see Herman's debut!! Thanks for posting, I knew he'd be a great Albrecht.


I hope you'll get to see this cast of GISELLE on the West Coast.


I waas the the Met yesteday and was initially disappointed not to see David. But Xiomara and Herman were wonderful. Yes, true young love and their partnership is so honest and trusting and so real! I would love to see them as Romeo and Juliet. I am sure most people present did not know it was to be David's debut nor that it was indeed Herman's debut.


Hi Sheila...yes, you are so accurate in describing the 'honest and trusting' feeling that Xiomara and Herman created. It's a moving partnership and they seemed genuinely fond of one another during the curtain calls.


thanks so much for your review, xiomara is an uncanny good actress, i loved her as juliet.

can you believe this is herman's debut as albrecht, it's ABOUT TIME MR. MCKENZIE


I think Herman is transitioning from being a virtuoso-type into being a complete artist. Both his SLEEPING BEAUTY and GISELLE this season showed that he is well on his way.


I just their Giselle last night, Herman's "offical" debut. It was the most incredible dance performance I have ever seen in 30+ years of balletgoing. I cried as well; I've never been as moved. The technical brilliance was astounding, virtually flawless, and the magic swept through the full house. Reyes was the best I've ever seen her and was a great dramatic actress as well. Isaac Stappas as Hilarion rocked; he is the finest character actor ABT has. I'm glad the leads had the surprise matinee debut; it can only have helped them to work out any possible staging or performance issues. It must have helped make their evening performance one for the ages. And I love the Cornejo's interpretation of Albrecht; I had not seen it performed without Albrecht being at least a little bit cad. The emotional effect of playing the character as blindsided by love was that I totally believed his grief and sympathized with his pain. My god, what a performance. If there's a bootleg tape of the evening out there, I would pay any price for it.

Evelyn Agosto Kozub

I have to agree, that was one of the most incredible performances I have ever seen. Reyes was flawless, brilliant, breathtaking and unforgettable!! Her performance was so believable that it mentally swept me into another world – I could not stop the tears. Wow – many bravos to Reyes!!!


It's great to read these comments and hear how moving everyone felt the performance was. There really was a special atmosphere in the house, thanks to Xiomara and Herman.

I'm happy to say that thanks to the generosity of one of the dancers I will get to see GISELLE again on Saturday evening - the final performance of ABT's current Met season.

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