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What a great video! Thank you, Philip! I just love Edward (so handsome too!). I'm so glad we'll see him in NYC with Morphoses. I wonder if the NYCB is in talks with him to do a ballet for them in the future? He'd be perfect for a new "Diamonds" project. I was so sad when he left NYCB (twice!).


Oops, I forgot the second "a" in Edwaard's
name. How ironic since I was complaining about reviewers misspelling dancer's names. Mea culpa:;


I'm also hoping NYCB will invite Edwaard to do a ballet there - he certainly knows all the dancers well. His pas de deux, DISTANT CRIES, for Wendy & Peter Boal a few years ago was so ethereal...premiered at the Joyce and then was performed at NYCB.

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