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Your usual excellent review was almost overshadowed by the news of Sascha's departure from ABT.Do you know what his future plans are?


I believe Sascha is joining Dutch National Ballet.


A wonderful review! I saw Giselle on Tuesday night (same cast, I think) even though I didn't plan on going after seeing (the truly awful) "Merry Widow" last weekend. That said, I am a huge Ethan fan (and wish he was still with NYCB), and find Julie Kent just lovely! The craziness (with the audience) that goes on at the Met is such a turnoff that anytime I go (twice a year a least. That insanity doesn't happen at the ABT season at City Center - this year it will be somewhere else because of City Center renovations) that it almost always spoils the performances. I'm guessing Sascha (so good! I wish he'd come to NYCB instead of Dutch National Ballet) is leaving because he never had enough to do at ABT. But what do I know? I'm a NYCB gal, afterall.


I think ABT will be at City Center October 21 - November 2 with a season featuring some important Tudor ballets.


wow the news of Sascha leaving came out of no where!-at least this is the first place i've seen it mentioned Pity that the talented trio that graced the silver screen for Center Stage is now no longer at the same company. Sascha is one of my favorite dancers and i'm very sad to hear that he is leaving. I know Stella's been injured for much of the season but what are her plans? Is she staying at ABT...i'm just really glad I got a chance to see the two of them dance when they guested in Ballet hawaii's Nutcracker two years ago.


As far as I know, Stella will stay with ABT.


Radetsky's going to be on tour - I'm hoping to see him in Orange County. It's been really great to see him grow into a really mature dancer.

I think you hit it on the dot when you mentioned Julie Kent's "fragility". To me, she seems like she would be the quintessential Giselle.


I wonder how Sascha feels about his departure being announced here. There's no announcement on the Dutch National Ballet website.


The news about Sascha is such a shock! If he joins the Dutch National Ballet, what will happen with Stella Abrera? I'm assuming she's staying with ABT. This is very upsetting news as he's definitely one of my favorite dancers in the company.


Update: Sascha Radetsky is returning to ABT.

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