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Great to see you last night! I must confess that I sat out Thou Swell. It's too long, and the choreography is dull. The costumes are lovely, and the dancers give it their all, but the singers were off-key (a week or so ago) and it made for an unpleasant viewing. That said -- Joaquin!!! My goodness. He was, as you said, simply spectacular. I was so disappointed that he didn't come out for a solo bow, but it just shows what a gentleman he is. What do you think about Antonio possibly being another "Prodigal?" I think he'd be pretty terrific.
I love Brahms-Schoenberg. Everyone was wonderful but Sara and Amar were truly outstanding. I am so happy that Rachel is dancing more principal roles. Make her a principal already! (along with all the other folks we agree on). I also missed Adrian last night (I don't think he was dancin. And Sean needs more roles!
Andrew Veyette did a wonderful job with Yvonne (it seems like he was able to calm her nerves a bit). Yvonne has been gorgeous this week! And how fun to see the new apprentices! I was also happy to see Ellen Bar. Welcome back!
See you Friday night!


Yes, I think Antonio would be really exciting as the Prodigal...


I am still in a post-Joaquin Prodigal glow this morning.

He really did a tremendous job. It's amazing how much talent is in the company - I am with Deborah on her observations - and I've decided that if Sara Mearns is not promoted by the end of their time at Saratoga, I will officially being a "Sara Mearns for Principal" petition and deliver it to Mr. Martins myself!


Sarah - I sit in front of Peter so I'll hand it to him! (he's incredibly nice and friendly too!).


I sometimes shake my head at how quickly some people are promoted while others seem to languish...so deserving of a promotion but having to wait so much longer. At any rate - I LOVE Joaquin and had forgotten how wonderful he really is. I am so happy to have him back!


My friend Rob was surprised that Sara isn't already a principal since she has been the star of every performance he's gone to this season. Wasn't there a five-week period where she danced every single night?
An announcement has to happen soon...maybe at Dancers' Choice?

Joaquin is fantastic, we're so lucky to have him in the Company.


Yes. And I won't name anybody, but some people promoted in recent months / yearsr were in the corps or soloist rank for such a short time. I just don't get it.

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