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I like Goldberg but found myself
not quite gettng Brahms/Handel (saw this on Sunday). Until it was over I didn't realize that Tharp had
choreographed part of it (I'm not a Tharp fan). In other NYCB news I ordered my tickets (seeing three program) in Paris. I know it's extravagant but we're going on frequent flyer miles so it's not quite that bad. Plus it's our 20 year wedding anniversary in Sept.
The tickets are actually no more than they are here (for good seats) and less than they were in London. One thing the NYCB press release doesn't say - the website is only in French (no translation available once you go past a certain point). Thank goodness I read
and understand French fluently (but no longer speak it as fluent as I once did).
Still, it was a challenge to navigate the site. But worth it for sure.
I know it's silly but going to Saratoga (a venue I don't like) for a couple of days (seeing three ballets) and then heading to Paris to see our company, makes me
less sad about the season ending. It's a long wait between June and the end of the Nutcracker!


That's great that you are going to Saratoga and Paris! I hope you'll send us back reports.


I first saw Goldberg Variations many years ago and at the time thought it to be much too long and boring. But with the passage of time and a second viewing, I now find myself leaning much more towards the "masterpiece" camp. This is a ballet in which Robbins truly makes you "see the music." In a word, exquisite! As for Brahms/Handel, I respect your critique of it -you make some good points - but in the end, I found it to be very entertaining. It was joyous and a great deal of fun to watch! I also find it quite amazing that Robbins and Tharp (and I normally do not like her pieces) were able to pull off that successful a collaboration.

Well, I will get to Saratoga but I'm afraid I'm going to miss out on Paris.


Of course I'll send back reports. I'm just glad that you'd want to read them (haha!).
See you tomorrow night!

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