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A truly wonderful, and memorable evening.
The dancing was excellent, but the love for our company was what was even more outstanding. Darci (I sat right near her) clapped so hard that I thought her hands were going to fall off (mine too!). The evening was truly thrilling. I, too, ran into (and spoke to) a bunch of dancers (and former dancers like Nikolaj -- so incredibly handome. Chris Wheeldon was also there -- standing at the rail in the first ring) after the show. Kyle Froman must be one of the nicest people in the world! All such fun. Kudos to Jonathan Stafford for putting together this once in a lifetime program. And Adam H. and Aaron -- what talent! I truly enjoyed the ballet -- and the music -- (and was thrilled that Sean S. had a major part in it). A special thank you must go out to (the sometimes maligned --in the press) Peter Martins. Bravo Peter!


It was great seeing you there, Deborah, and I'm sorry I didn't get more of a chance to talk to you. I loved the sense of excitement and of the connection between performers and audience that the evening generated.


I didn't realize that that was William Lin-Yee! I should have recognized him!
What a terrible shame that we lost him to PNB (I know you feel that way too). And boy, he is a stunning looking man! (and seems so nice!).
I LOVED Wei, by the way (so nice, smart, and very good looking!). I enjoyed talkiing to him so much! ! You are a lucky man! (and vice versa).


What can one say about last night? A great, great program!! Too many highlights to mention. What an amazing company! How fortunate we are to be, in our own small way, part of the NYCB family!


Yes, it's hard to believe that William could slip off to the other end of the continent especially since there are a couple of tall blonde ballerinas right here who could benefit hugely by having such a tall and polished cavalier on hand.
I'm hoping PNB will visit NYC in the next couple of years because in addition to William they have Miranda, Carla, and Mr. and Mrs. Orza.

I don't deserve Wei, really. I'm just thankful he puts up with me.


Ah I'm so mad I had to miss it :( Thanks for writing about it in such detail, Philip. At least I can pretend I was there through your blog, haha.


I had such a good time last night! I brought a friend of mine who had never been to the ballet and he said he was surprised at the enthusiasm of the crowd and the special atmosphere; I had to tell him, it's not normally like this. Everybody in the audience last night was a true ballet lover and well aware of the significance of the event. I loved it from beginning to end. I hope we were "in the money" to the extent that they will do this every year going forward! I think it could be one of the highlights of the season.


Yes, there was an unusual atmosphere in the theatre last night but I hope you will bring your friend again next Winter because even 'normal' nights at NYCB can be pretty exciting.

Taylor, we really missed you!


I had a great time hanging out with you guys! I loved the new ballet. Loved R. Fairchild in it. It was like he was dancing only on the small toe of his left foot at several points -- like he was about to blow away, but of course he never lost balance. How do you DO that??? I didn't realize that was Lin-Yee either! Congratulations to him on going on to PNB! I hope they tour here too.


Friday was absolutely amazing. I was only sad I couldn't spend more time hanging out with everyone, but I lost my sister!

Wonderful, simply wonderful.

I just did a review and a summary of the winter and spring seasons as I prepare myself for the reality that I won't see NYCB (save for the annual godkids Nutcracker) until January!!!!

How will I survive?


Sophie B

What an amazing evening - I hope they keep doing it from now on!
It was lovely to see you, Philip, and all the other bloggers!


Oh, hi Sophie! I just sent you an e-mail. I was feeling bad that I didn't really get a chance to talk to you during that intermission. It was such a fun night and what a huge crowd! I hope to see you again soon...


I overheard Jonathan Stafford telling some people that each year a different dancer will be assigned to create and pull together the Dancer's Choice. So it looks like (knock on wood!) we will have one next year too! And a new dancer to take charge of it! Very exciting.


That is really good news, Laura...it was such a success not just as a performance but also as an 'event'...

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