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I was so thrilled to finally meet you!
Thank you for introducing me to your friend too (and my, my, isn't Reese handsome and hunky! Not that you aren't, of course -- lucky Wei!). Your review was perfect (as always). I was so pleased that Yvonne did so well -- she was once one of my favorite dancers before nerves seem to get to her. Plus she's so pretty! She was exceptional in yesterday's afternoon program as well. But for me (as you know) it's all about Wendy!! But how gorgeous was Philip with her (he just keeps getting better if that's even possible)? Terrific, truly! And it's so great to see Sebastien dancing again. I actually like La Somn. but couldn't image anyone else doing Nicolaj's part.
However, Sebestien was excellent! And good for Yvonne for being able to hold him in her arms (she's so delicate and light)! Also, Joaquin has just being wonderful this season. He was great yesterday afternoon too.
And Tom -- what more can we say? I've spent the week crying (well, almost)
between Damian's retirement and Tom's
appearances (despite his "retirement").
I wanted to mention how especially stunning Rachel Rutherford was yesterday afternoon in Dances With a Gatherning. I'm hoping that we see a bunch of promotions: Sara, Rachel, Tyler, Amar (I'm a big fan of his), Sean (although I wish he'd dance more!), Rebecca and a few others. We are so blessed to have the NYCB. Even when they aren't "great" they are still wonderful. I'm going this afternoon too (with my friend, Stanley). Next week I'm
going every day except for Tuesday and Wed. I hope to see you at "Dancer's Choice!"


Yes, it really was great to meet you! Reese looks like a model, but he's very shy. You will meet Wei at Dancer's Choice...our last performance for this season.

I agree with your promotion wish-list and would add Adrian D-W to it.


Lovely review. I like La Sonnombula but it was tough seeing somebody else in Hubbe's role. However we must adjust to a whole new slew of dancers coming up the ranks. Things change - we must get used to it! I will be at the Dancer's Choice this Friday and am really looking forward to it. AND yes - who will be promoted next?!?! We will just have to wait and see but Adrian DW has been in the corps way too long.


Adrian has a lot of star-power, that's for sure.


I totally agree about Adrian. I should have included him on my "wish list."
He's so outstanding that he often outshines some of the principals/soloists (on the same stage). And what a partner too!

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