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The images are amazing. They are like artwork, truly. Each one is unique and interesting and beautiful in it's own right. I love them.


From someone who couldn't be there---thank you so much for sharing these! Kyle is extraordinary and so is your blog!


I have looked at these photos over and over since Friday night. I think a limited amount of these photos (in a special pamplet or as prints?) were offered on Friday night too.
I am now angry with myself for not trying to get (or bid on) a copy (for such an important cause too) that night. They aren't for sale a the gift shop or on line (I checked).


Philip, thanks for posting these. I, too was struck by the beauty and artistry of these photos and was also thinking about trying to find out if I could buy a print - till I remembered that I don't have an inch of wall space left in my apartment!

I'm glad that they will now be seen by a larger audience - they're breathtaking!


Thanks so much for posting these. I was so sad to miss Dancer's Choice and even sadder when I heard these pictures were given out. :-(
So glad to see them, how beautiful and creative. Also, thanks for the great description of the evening!


Those pictures are absolutely fabulous. The evening sounds really really fun - what a great way for an audience to get to know their local company and to build relationships, to keep audiences coming back. I wish more companies would do this!!


Thank you for posting these! I didn't receive a copy when I walked in, so it's great to see them here. They are beautiful. A true inspiration!


Phillip you're a Prince! Thanks for posting these! What Kyle does with these photos is amazing! He's a true artist with a unique and moving vision of "our" dancers. There's so many little details to look at and tickle the imagination in each photo. When I first looked at the one with the ladies reclining on the red theater seats I thought they were all in their Symphony In C tutus, but they are wearing different tutus from different ballets. What a fun little detail.
I echo everyone else's hope that these photos become available as prints or posters. I want them on my wall asap!


I hope Kyle reads all the enthusiastic comments.

Perky, I did notice all those different tutus in the 'ballerina' photo which makes it all the more interesting.


what beautiful and unique photos! I love the imaginative use of the building, which is the dancers' second home. Although the style is very different from 'In the Wings', in my uneducated opinion, you can see the influence of the House of Balanchine on Froman's photography. They are highly composed / choreographed, yet quirky and each dancer retains his or her individuality. Isn't that the NYCB ethos?


Hey Philip, gosh these pictures are stunning. What creative ideas and what beautiful images!!! I love them! Are there any more?


Hi Lisette! I'll show you the booklet when you get back to NYC.

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