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I am so looking forward to this program!
Isn't it great that we'll be seeing Ellen Bar too? (she's hardly danced this season but I'm guessing that she may have been injured). So much talent in this company! We are so lucky! That said, I am having a hard time knowing that this is Damian's farewell tonight (I'm lucky enough to be attending).


It's interesting that the retirement of a major star is followed a week later by a gala showing off the Company's up-and-comers. And with a new ballet by Adam & Aaron, it's going to be exciting.


I am so excited! I am lucky enough to be volunteering tonight for Damian's farewell, so I will be able to watch, even if it is standing room only! And the casting for June 27 is amazing - I love how they are trying new people in so many roles....it makes it all the more exciting for us to see new people doing new stuff! *bounces with excitement*


Hi Laura, I think the casting for the gala is really fun but I do wish that Jonathan had cast himself in something!


Jonathan will probably be too busy behind the scenes. Oh, this will be so much fun!!


Can't wait to see Daniel Ulbricht in Rubies, too.....I love how this casting really IS "dancer's choice" - meaning, they are getting to dance roles they would not normally be cast in during the regular season.


I'm also looking forward to seeing Rebecca Krohn in SYMPHONY IN C...


The show is almost sold out! If you haven't bought tickets yet, you must do it soon!!!

I am so excited to see all these dancers premiere in roles and very interested to see what Adam has choreographed to Aaron's composition... Should be great fun!

Sophie B

I'm SO excited for this!!!!


Sophie, I hope I'll see you there!


I will be there!

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