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Interesting; I'll be seeing it later this week. Craig was the centerpiece of Baker's Dozen too, I thought. He's perfect for Tharp.


It's just really hard to see other dancers dance Tharp after you've seen Tharp dancers dance Tharp. The experience of the original Broadway cast of Movin' Out and comparing it to ballet dancers dancing Tharp is just worlds apart, and the Movin' Out cast completely embodied Tharp's choreography to a tee. In my mind, it's like comparing the State Ballet of Georgia dancing Balanchine's Duo Concertant and then seeing NYCB dance Duo Concertant. Granted, not all choreographers lend themselves to being so particular to one group of dancers, but some choreographers really do call for a stylistic specialization that is hard for dancers not completely familiar with that style to emulate in great detail.

The picture is amazing though, is Craig Salstein lifting David Hallberg? (I can't tell who's in the air.) Given a chance to see ABT though, I'd watch them dance almost anything. :)


I think that Craig might be lifting Ethan Stiefel in the photo.

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