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You have to share with us more of your conversation sitting next to Preljocaj! I saw his "Anunciation" about 10 years ago with my dance criticism seminar (all three of us, including the professor :) - in fact, it was the first dance criticism I wrote! I was very taken with the piece, and I still remember it today. His company will be in northern California next year, and I'm looking forward to seeing them.


Well, I have to tell you Jolene that I am probably the worst conversationalist in the world. I'm fascinated by people like Angelin Preljocaj but whenever I get into a situation like this, I completely freeze up. Of course I thought of a million things to say to him or ask him...AFTER the opportunity was squandered. My usual feeling when I am talking to creative, talented people is: "He's thinking I'm a complete jerk!"

Angelin was extremely charming and his speaking voice is so melodic. He put me at ease as much as he could. But I still felt tongue-tied.

This is why I was kind of dreading the pre-curtain session where we bloggers got to meet Angelin, Jo and Swan. Luckily there were some more talkative people in the room and so we kept it going and I did manage to actually say things. But I think the bottom line is: I write because I can't talk.

Do you still have the piece you wrote about L'ANNONCIATION? I'd love to read it.


Hey Philip! Just wanted to thank you for volunteering to move from the first row. I would have moved (as I would have loved to sit in further away from the stage) but I wanted to stay with my friend. Thanks again!!! Great to see you last night.


Gosh, I would love it if I still had my first review, but unfortunately I don't. I just remember it took me a full day to write it, it was one of the hardest assignments of my undergraduate career! But a great start to writing dance reviews. :) Thankfully it was a substantial piece to write about. Who can ever forget the complete surrender of that kiss??

I know what it means to be tongue tied esp to people who I highly respect! I don't know what I would have said. :)


Thank you for the great and very detailed review. I feel like I was there! Still sad I couldn't have been in two places at once... And, I wholly echo your "I write because I can't talk" line!



It's a great programme and I'm hoping to see it again.


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