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Great review! And very funny at times! I really enjoy reading your reviews, especially of ABT, who I don't see nearly as often as I should. It's interesting to contrast ABT and NYCB - both equal in my mind, just very different. I almost always prefer the toned-down NYCB full length ballets as all I really want to see is dancing, but ABT has much to offer in their version as well.


ABT has great dancers at every level and I am trying to get to know them better; my biggest problem there is that the sheer size of the Met is always a factor in putting a great distance between dancer and viewer. You never feel connected to the ABT dancers like you do to the ones at NYCB.


I attend many ABT performances at City Center (even though I'm a NYCB
gal). I love what they do at CC
However, I don't like their MET
thing. I'm not a fan of full length ballets and there is way too much posturing (of the dancers) for me. Still, I'm going twice
before they wrap up their season there.
I sit in that expensive section (twice as much as what I pay for first ring at NYCB) and you can connect to the dancers in that section. However, it's just too much money!


I love our NY State Theatre. I feel so connected to the dancers there, even in the 4th Ring. It's just one of the many reasons I adore NYCB.

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