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I found myself overcome with emotion during yesterday's program -- there was just so much too love! Of course, it all started and ended with Wendy! As you said, she was magnificent in Bukagu, and then in Russian Seasons. I thought that Albert was particularly terrific! (he's a great partner, and so handsome!) in the former especially. Darci -- who may have lost a step (but she's entitled!) was so moving and beautiful in Valse (and Jared!! Wow!).
Damian. Well, I can't say more than that because he's in a class of his own. He was always, and continues to be, wonderful (and so enthusiastic!). Tess
(one of my "new" favorites) did a very good job in "Chairman." And wasn't Sara
"sassy" (love her!) in "American in Paris"?
(she's also a fav.). My one complaint -- Sean S. needs more to do. I want him in
principal roles! And while I'm kvetching -- Adrian needs more soloist roles! I adore his dancing (bigger ones so he can get promoted fast!). I also thought that Rebecca K. was very good in Sofiane's part (Russian).
I sit right near Alistair McCaulay in the first ring so I was watching his reaction.
He seemed pleased but who knows!?
Like you, I'm going today too. In fact I can't stand the thought of not seeing our company until Jan. (except for the Gala in November) so I just booked tickets to go to Paris (reward travel) in Sept. (my husband will come to0 since it's 20 year wedding anniv.) We are so lucky to have this company! Wendy, Wendy, Wendy!!!!


Deborah, Wei and I were talking on our way home last night about Sean and Adrian and how they should be groomed for principal roles and given as many opportunities as possible.

How wonderful that you're going to Paris! I hope you'll send us some on-the-spot reports.


I too agree that Adrian should be a Soloist. Problem is that the Principal and Soloist ranks are already so packed.


Yes, but with Damian and Tom Gold retiring this season it's going to create some openings...


Of course I'll send in reportw even though I won't do as great a job as you do! I'm going Thursday afternoon 11 Sept., Friday and both shows Sat.I can't wait!!


Wendy in Bugaku sounds lovely, even though I'm not familiar with the ballet (nor with Wendy, except for her breathtaking dancing in the "After the Rain" pdd in Jock Soto's documentary).

I'm glad about the good review of "Russian Seasons". I haven't been too impressed with Ratmansky's choreography with what I've seen so far (with the Diana Vishneva clown piece "Pierrot Lunaire" and State Ballet of Georgia's "Bizet Variations".) "Russian Seasons" will be making its debut in the SF Ballet repertory next season, and I'm looking forward to it.


oooh didn't know tom gold was retiring. yes that creates some openings for the accomplished younger dancers....


Tom Gold's farewell is announced for May 22 in DOUBLE FEATURE...when you think about it, Tom in his own way is as irreplaceable as Damian!

I hope San Francisco enjoys RUSSIAN SEASONS as much as we do here in NYC.

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