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Ziggy Lorenc

Thank you so much for your impressions of the Murphy exhibit. I too, am intrigued by them and have read the Vail book, over and over again. If you could kindly tell us, (in another blog), what you saw in the Muprhy home movies, I would be so grateful. I am unable to travel to Dallas to see the exhibit and maybe, New York. But alas, when would that be?

By the way, the photo of the south of France with the fabulous trees...was that taken of Villa America. Wouldn't it be fabulous to see it for ourselves?

Thanks again for the wonderful blog,


The home movies show the Murphys and their friends on the beach at Antibes, sailing on their various boats, at several of the different places they lived, the children at play and much else. Hearing Gerald's voice was really interesting. I had hoped that a DVD of the documentary footage (narrated by Honoria and Marion Seldes) would be available and maybe eventually it will be. In fact, I will write to the exhibit's curator and inquire.

The photo from the beach area at Antibes is not specifically of the Villa America property.

After Patrick's diagnosis most of the fun went out of the Murphys'life and that casts a shadow over the entire exhibit.

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