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Can't wait for your always perceptive reviews esp among the soloists and corps rank(who are always neglected by reviewers).


It's going to take me a while to start matching names to faces among the corps at ABT; and the Met poses the added difficulty of its sheer size which gives a distancing effect. It wont be like eavesdropping on Faye or Adrian at NYCB, that's for sure.

It would be enormously helpful if ABT could find a few empty seats for the blogging community (there are only a half-dozen of us and the Met rarely sells out...if they gave us passes we would give them some buzz!) But they seem disinterested, at last so far.


Perhaps I should have a little talk with ABT about the bloggers? Not sure if it would be heard, but it might be worth a try.

Glad to see you are giving the company a chance! Will be very interested to hear your take on things.


It would be great if someone could convince ABT to give the bloggers some access...basically most of us don't go there very often because we can't afford it.


Thank you Matt!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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